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Our Projects: Stories of Impact

NDI & 4K

The objective of this project was to relocate the existing studio, which had been built by Visuals a few years prior, and reinstall it in a new space. Simultaneously, the goal was to enhance its capabilities by incorporating new tools to create an even more efficient venue.

The Newtek Tricaster TC2 Elite control system, based on NDI technology, was retained for this purpose. Additionally, 12G-SDI connectivity has been introduced to facilitate studio distribution. A large Samsung screen serves as a backdrop for an expansive display. Complementing this setup, four custom-built totems were equipped with 1.58-pitch Unilumin LED panels. The entire display system is managed by an Analogway Aquilon C, known for its performance, reliability, and flexibility. The camera setup has undergone an upgrade, from the former Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ cameras to a Canon C500MKII solution.

These cameras are paired with Canon CN10x25 and CN7X17 cinema lenses, mounted on Cambot robotic stands from ROSS VIDEO. These stands are both robust and capable of accommodating the Autoscript prompter system with Talent Monitor. To enhance the studio’s capabilities, Zero Density has introduced an augmented reality (AR) layer, ensuring a dynamic and future-proof setup. Additionally, live transmissions can be facilitated using the LIVEU solution.

Multicam & Unilumin/Novastar

For the relocation of its studio from Upper Valais to new premises in Visp, Canal 9 aspired to create a distinctive venue. The vision was clear: incorporate a large LED screen 18 metres wide by 3 metres high, along with the ambition to produce content using extended reality (xR) technology. 

After extensive deliberation, we presented a Unilumin proposal, featuring Uslim II (1.8mm) tiles and covering a floor area of over 35 square meters with Upad III 2 (2.6mm) LED tiles, which was ultimately selected by the client. This comprehensive solution was complemented by the Novastar MX40 series.

The subsequent phase involved the design and construction of a self-supporting metal structure to which all the modules housing the LED panels could be securely affixed.Utilizing the multiCAM solution, we were able to provide an xR solution, incorporating three cameras mounted on pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) heads, a dolly on 4.8-metre rails, and robotized totems.

Studio Modular Flyaway Units

UPU project focused on developing modular flyaway cases tailored for various purposes. The mobile units are a versatile and portable solution designed to house and transport a variety of equipment securely. 

These cases are tailored for swift deployment, ensuring that the equipment inside can be set up efficiently and safely, wherever they are needed. For the UPU project, four distinct modular flyaway cases were built:  audio, video, multimedia and conferencing with an in-built voting system. One of the most notable features of these flyaway units is the ability to control up to 14 cameras. 

Moreover, in line with the UPU’s objective of efficiency, these modular flyaway cases have been designed for rapid deployment. They can be set up in as little as one hour, minimizing downtime and ensuring that events and projects can proceed with minimal hiccups.

They trust us:

System Integration Services

Broadcast and Audio Video Systems: Our applications.

Productions and
Television Studios

Design and realisation of complete studios (Audio, Video, Lighting), wiring of the system according to your specifications and final testing.

Broadcast Van

Design and construction of OB Vans from 6 to 30 Rooms up to 3 expansions with realisation of the body part as well. 

Audio And Video
Lighting Systems

Design and implementation of Audio, Video, and Lighting Systems for various applications: Auditorium, Conference Centre, Theatres, Meeting Rooms.

Control Rooms and
Operational Centers

Design and realisation of Control Rooms for Teleports, Operating Centre with installation of Audio and Video Control Systems and Multiview Systems.


We design and realise Postproduction Centres, from Postproduction Systems, Media Asset Management, Centralised Storage to Colour Correction.

Unique Partner

  • Visuals Switzerland provides the Audio and Video products to integrate in your systems, thanks to the cooperation with the most important manufacturers of the Broadcast and Professional markets.
  • We are able to integrate the IT workflows with the modern conversion technologies of Audio and Video formats. We can help you with transition to the new IP 2110 and NDI protocols designing customised solutions.


  • The system or Product quality can also be measured by the Professionalism of customer service. Our technical team ensures ready and quick assistance in all situations.
  • We can offer you Maintenance Contracts for technical assistance of your System or OB Van (repair or replacement of single components, system test) so that your workflow is never interrupted.


  • The continuous technological changes require staff to always be updated. We guarantee our Team is constantly updated on Software and Hardware products.
  • The Know-how acquired will be transferred after the realization of your   system, using a Specific training for your staff.
  • Our technicians will guide your staff on the use of the newly installed technology, making them independent within a short period of time.

Our partners

Trusted by leaders; we have been working with the largest brands in the audiovisual industry for many years.

About us

Visuals Switzerland is part of the Visual Impact Group, Europe’s leading supplier of broadcast equipment to the production community.


Our affiliation with the Visual Impact Group gives us access to extensive resources, as well as a network of 20 offices in 10 countries, including Switzerland, Italy, France, the UK and South Africa, employing over 130 peoples.


Our clients include some of the major national,
broadcasters, production companies, freelancers 
and corporate blue chip companies around the world.

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